Scout Language

If you are new to scouting you will be exposed to "Scoutspeak".  Here is a handy guide to help you learn the language of Scouting.


Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Cub Scouts must complete Adventures as described in their rank handbook. Some adventures are required for rank advancement; others are "electives" which are chosen by the Scout.  Each Adventure earns a nifty metal loop that can be worn on the uniform belt.

Adventure Pin

Awarded to Webelos Scouts who complete adventures in their rank handbook.  Some pins are required for earning the Webelos rank, and other are required for earning the Arrow of Light award.  Still others are elective and can be earned if the Scout chooses to complete them.


The Leader of the Pack. Does not have to wear leather or ride a Harley, although sometimes it helps. Usually the Cubmaster, but Akela also means Den Leaders and YOU--the main leader your boy looks to for guidance!

Arrow of Light

This is the highest award a boy can earn in Cub Scouting. Also the only non-religious award from Cub Scouts which can be worn on a Boy Scout Uniform.

Assistant Cubmaster 

A volunteer who helps the Cubmaster run the pack and fills in when the Cubmaster is unavailable.

Assistant Den Leader

A volunteer leader who helps the Den Leader with holding weekly den meeting and fills in when the Den Leader is unavailable.


Veteran Cub Scout, now in 3rd Grade. Been there, done that, and looking for action. Chooses his achievements, and looks forward to Webelos. Of 24 possible achievements they must complete the prescribed amount in each area, God, Country, Family, and Self, for a total of 12.

Blue and Gold Banquet

Generally held in February to celebrate the anniversary of Cub Scouting. This celebration can be an annual pot luck dinner, banquet or whatever the pack decides to make it.  Our Pack usually awards rank badges in a special ceremony at this event.

Blue and Gold Colors

The Cub Scout Colors. Blue stands for truth and spirituality, loyalty, and the sky above. Gold stands for warm sunlight, good cheer, and happiness.


Every boy who joins Cub Scouts must first earn the Bobcat Badge. Doing this, he learns the seven basic tenets of Cub Scouting: the Promise, the Law of the Pack the sign, the handshake, the motto, the salute, and what Webelos means.

Noise with dirt on it.  

Boy’s Life

A Scouting magazine for boys to help broaden their horizons in Scouting.  Jam-packed with action, adventure, games, puzzles, and tons of reading fun for Cub Scouts!

Boy Scout

A Boy Scout is between the ages of 11 and 18 and belongs to a troop. He advances through these ranks: Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, then Eagle.

Boy Scouts of America (BSA)

The Boy Scouts of America is a nationally chartered organization that encompasses Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venture Crews.

Buddy System

One part of the Safe Swim Defense. Swimmers of like ability are paired. Check in and out of the water together and stay within 10 feet of each other during the swim. It is also used on other Cub Scout activities, such as Hiking, for safety reasons.


Formal permission from the Boy Scouts of America allowing the formation of a Pack.

Chartered Organization

An organization that sponsors the pack. Monthly meetings are usually held in a building owned by that organization.


Chartered Organization Representative

An adult representative of the group or organization that currently holds the BSA charters. Acts as a liaison between the Pack and the chartered organization.



A volunteer Scouter who works with packs, troops, and crews to help the unit succeed.


This is a group of adult volunteers who “run” the pack. Positions include the treasurer, trainer, awards coordinator, among others.  Any interested adult is welcome to attend Committee meetings, whether they hold a position or are just interested in pack operations.

Committee Chair

The adult leader of the pack committee. Provides the motivation and direction to the committee to get the pack program implemented.  Our Committee Chair is Robert Sutton.


A geographical area, made of up districts for administration of the Boy Scout programs. We are part of the Westark Area Council.

Cub Scout

Any of a million or so boys between the ages of 6 and 11 who gets together with his fellow Scouts and has fun at Den and Pack meetings. Marked by curiosity, easy laughter, speed, and blue uniform. Likes to consume s'mores and Bug Juice.


Cub Scout Leader Basic Training is 6 hour training session that covers all basic information needed to be pack leader.


The Cubmaster is the chief adult volunteer leader. The Cubmaster runs the pack meetings and advises other leaders.  Our awesome Cubmaster is Dave Weston.


A group of 6-10 boys at the same grade/age/rank level who meet at regular intervals.


A Cub Scout or Webelos scout elected by his peers to help the den chief and den leader.

Den Chief

A Boy Scout who helps direct the activities of a den.

Den Leader

Volunteer adult, enjoys doing all kinds of stuff with boys, even if it involves large quantities of patience. Easily smiles, asks others for help, and uses all kinds of resources to keep smiling--like Roundtables.


Each council is divided into a number of districts.  Our district is the Cornerstone District, which includes all of Benton County.

District Executive

A professional Scouter who is responsible for the achievements of the district.


Scouts' guide through their new rank handbooks.

Fast Start

Program for new leaders to help them until they can attend CSLBT.

Fleur de lis

International Boy Scout Emblem. Also used by a New Orleans football team. Some Scouters even have boxer shorts with this on them.


Friends of Scouting. Donations to support the camps, materials, special events, and the professional coordinators who help make Scouting possible.


Largish post-Cub Scout person, good for helping boys with tools, fire, and holding things while boy plays. Good candidate for leader.


A form of cheer, along with Growls, Whoops, and the Disco Mosquito cheer; all done to show appreciation of Cub Scout skits and stunts in place of mundane old “PTA applause”.


Word used with great pride by a boy in Cub Scouts, as in “I did it!”


What happens when boy says “I did it!” after trying very hard.


Young male goat.  Or a smallish human being who loves to play, laugh, and learn. Good candidate for Cub Scouting.


Person who gives an hour each week (maybe a little more!) to help boys grow to be young men of character. Sets example by giving back to the community.


Semi-chaotic gathering of boys where much fun and some learning happens, usually helped along by Den Leaders and Grown-ups. 


Everything for a Tiger Cub! Learning about others, working with his partner, and finding out about the world around him. New things are things to Search--Discover--and Share for the whole Tiger Cub Den.


Order of the Arrow. An honor group of Boy Scouts who give cheerful service helping others learn to enjoy the outdoors. Arrowmen also present dramatic and exciting ceremonies at campfires and special awards meetings.


The whole group – all or our dens and families together is called a Pack. The pack usually meets once a month.  We are one big family!

Pinewood Derby

A pack racing competition, where Cubs and their parents work together to make model pinewood derby cars and compete for shiny, awesome trophies.


What leaders try to deliver. To do their Best, to help others, and to help boys learn to Do Their Duty to God, Country, Family, and self.


Theoretical concept indicating the absence of all noises...unknown to Cub Scouting.


Someone who may or may not have boys in Scouting, but just really loves the program and gets immense satisfaction from helping boys grow and learn.


A first grader who is brand-new to the adventures of Scouting!  Ready to explore and learn and look adorable in his orange neckerchief while he's at it!


Available in many varieties to help everyone Do Their Best to be a good leader. Fast Start, Basic, and Youth Protection are common types


Most anything you’d never think of. Juice can lids and tissue tubes, bits of string, wood, packing peanuts, wheels, marbles, frosting containers, and whole bunches of stuff that make great craft supplies!


What a boy wins every time he does something he really had to try at, even if he doesn’t go the fastest or highest or whatever.


"We’ll Be Loyal Scouts". Also, boys in 4th and 5th grade. Sometimes wear the khaki Boy Scout uniform (usually means he outgrew the blue one). Works on Activity Pins, camps, goes on hikes, prepares to be a Boy Scout. Old hand at this Cub Scout business--can build a Pinewood Derby car blindfolded.


Cub Scout in 2nd grade. Incredibly cute in blue uniform and new yellow neckerchief. Full of life and enthusiasm, eager to learn all about Cub Scouts.

X,Y, and Z

Symbols for the unknown. Not even Akela knows all the answers!

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